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Without paying any fees to an external platform, you can use more than 100 technical indicators and all (from 1 minute to 1 day OHLCV) time frame data together, and you can design your desired buy, sell and stop conditions separately. You can first test the strategy you created with the backtest tool, and then start your trading bot that runs 24/7 on our cloud servers.

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What is Bitcator?

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Unique Listing Catch Bot

Meet our unique Listing Bot, available only at Bitcator! The Listing Bot detects the products that major exchanges will add as soon as official announcements are made and purchases them from your other exchange accounts added to Bitcator. Bitcator supports trading on many major exchanges. Thanks to the Listing Bot, you can buy new products that are rising with the effect of the news within just a few seconds after the news is published. You can achieve high profit rates with leveraged trading if it is available on other exchanges, or with spot trading if it is not available. With this amazing tool, keep your finger on the pulse of the market and don't miss any opportunities!

Bitcator Listing Bot

Unique Delisting Catch Bot

Meet our unique Delisting Catch Bot, available only at Bitcator! You have already experienced the high advantage of the Listing Bot in spot/long trades, wouldn't you like to easily make money by opening short trades on products that are announced to be delisted? Of course, Bitcator provides this as well. It automatically detects products to be removed from major exchanges instantly. You can achieve great profit rates by opening leveraged short trades on these products. Never miss these amazing opportunities that the market offers us with Bitcator!

Bitcator Delisting Bot

Catching Pumps Has Never Been Easier

Bitcator instantly captures changing prices with its high-performance scanning infrastructure. The Pump Bot allows you to open spot/long/short trades on products that rise by the rate you specify within the time frame you set with its special setting. You never need pump groups that carry out fraudulent activities to capture these opportunities. Bitcator can track this for hundreds of pairs without you having to search. For example, you can open a long trade on a product that has risen 20% in the last 5 minutes according to your strategy in case it rises further, or you can open a short trade on a product that has risen 40% because it has risen too much. Following pumps has never been so simple and fun.

Bitcator Pump Bot

Turn Price Drops into Profit with Dump Bot

Bitcator offers you the opportunity to make money in all market conditions with its rich bot variety. With the Dump Bot, you can open spot/long/short trades on products that fall by the rate you specify within the time frame you set, and turn the decline into an opportunity. If you wish, you can open a long trade with the idea that the price of a product you trust has fallen too much in a short time, or you can open a short trade parallel to the decline. If the right strategy is applied, the fast-moving price will definitely make money in both directions. Making money from falling prices is that easy!

Bitcator Dump Bot

Using All Configuration Options Easily Set Your Most Complex Strategies and Combine with Multiple Conditions

All possible options are available for you to create your short, medium and long term strategies as you wish with Bitcator. You can use Open, High, Low, Close data for all periods in your strategy and combine them with data from over 100 technical indicators.

All Time Periods

Bitcator allows you to use all candle data (ohlcv) for 1m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 1d time periods in your strategy.

Unlimited Indicator Support

No need for external platform integration! If you have complex strategies, you don't pay high fees to external platforms to get buy-sell signals. Use the most popular technical indicators together with the candle data you want. All possible and requested indicators are added quickly.

Simple strategy design screen

Simply set up your strategy by following the user-friendly setup instructions. You proceed step by step according to your choices so that you can correctly evaluate all the options in the strategy setup. This way you don't miss any details and you can automate the strategy of your dreams with a few clicks.

The Age of Automated Trading

Trading bots supported by algorithms have become indispensable in the financial market in the age of artificial intelligence. Using trade bots that can make emotionless decisions and react instantly to price movements provides great advantages to investors. Bitcator gives you this advantage thanks to its backtesting system and high-performance trading robots that work 24/7. Do not stay away from the advantages of automatic trading in the developing and growing financial system. Watch your investments grow. Bitcator bots are the most powerful and customizable trading bots in the market.

How does it work?


Create your account and add your exchange accounts

After becoming a member, add your exchange accounts using API keys that provide 100% secure access. All your accounts are listed with your products on the homepage.


Set up your free and unlimited bot for a trading pair right away

Bitcator allows you to run a bot for a trading pair without any time limit. You can use your free trial before purchasing a membership package for more features and configurations.


Follow the bot's transactions from the panel

You can follow all your bot's transactions instantly from your user panel. If you wish, you can manually intervene in the transactions and close them.


Instant notifications

Stay informed about every development. You can follow every activity of Bitcator bots with telegram, website and e-mail notifications as you wish.

Bitcator Add Exchange

Security is not an issue for Bitcator!

Payment System

All payments are made over the blockchain to embrace the blockchain ecosystem. We are happy to lead the way in completely secure and transparent payments.

Ghost Servers

Bitcator bots run 24/7 on completely isolated ghost servers. Our bots use state-of-the-art techniques and run at the highest possible speed. Scans are performed on every instant price change in exchanges. Keeping performance at the top of industry standards is our main principle.

Your Money is Under Your Control

Bitcator bots access your exchange accounts in a 100% secure way with API interfaces. You have complete control over your money. When your bot trades, it only sends a buy-sell order to your exchange account. There is no factor that will cause a security vulnerability in this system.

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