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About Us

Before establishing Bitcator, we were actively involved in tracking developments in financial markets, providing technical analysis training, and expanding our work in the finance industry as a community. We started this journey as a community in 2020. We conducted seminars to share our expertise in technical analysis and knowledge with a wider audience. As we progressed, we began developing automated trading algorithms to keep up with the dynamic nature of the markets. We identified the most profitable strategies and automated them, gaining the advantage of generating profits 24/7 without excessive effort. Initially, we received numerous requests from our close circle. While striving to meet these demands, we decided to develop powerful and unparalleled software that does not compromise on performance. We noticed that existing companies in the market offered limited configuration options, and we aimed to create a platform where all imaginable strategies could be customized. Ultimately, we presented Bitcator to you as the fastest and most versatile bot on the market, offering the widest range of configuration options.

Our Development Process

November 2020

First Community Establishment

We laid the foundations of the community we wanted to establish for months on social media and established our website.

January 2021

Access to Talents

We started working together by providing free technical analysis, blockchain and network training to people brought together by our community.

November 2021

First Custom Bots

We started creating custom trading robots and building our data center in line with requests from the community.

February 2022

Expansion of Algorithms

There are different earning methods for the periods of rise and fall in financial markets. We have witnessed each of these periods and built profitable bots for each period. We gained extensive experience and included all of this in our algorithms.

July 2022

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

We brought the performance of our trading software that manages our algorithms to the top of industry standards. We integrated artificial intelligence technologies into the software and established mechanisms that verify the accuracy of all transactions.

May 2023

Fully Customizable Panel

We started working to build a panel where all bots can be set up and managed with configuration options that are unmatched in the market.

June 2023


Bitcator was launched. We offered our bots to our users with free and unlimited usage with our infrastructure fully integrated into the most dynamic ecosystem of finance.