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About Us

Before establishing Bitcator, we were actively following developments in the financial markets, providing technical analysis training, and working as a community to expand and improve our work in the finance industry. We started as a community in 2020. We provided free technical analysis training and shared our knowledge with a wide audience through seminars. In the following period, we started developing automated trading algorithms to keep up with the market's dynamics at all times. We identified the most profitable strategies and automated them, allowing us to generate profits 24/7 with minimal effort. Initially, we received numerous requests from our close circle. While trying to keep up with all of this, without compromising performance, we decided to develop a powerful and unparalleled software that would allow customization of all imaginable strategies. And finally, we introduced Bitcator to you as the fastest and most customizable bot on the market.

Our Journey

November 2020

Formation of the First Community

We laid the foundations of the community we have been wanting to establish for months on social media and established our website.

January 2021

Access to Skills

We started working together by giving free technical analysis, blockchain, and network education to the people brought together by our community.

November 2021

First Custom Bots

We started building private trading robots and constructing our data center based on requests from the community.

February 2022

Expansion of Algorithms

In financial markets, there are different methods of earning during rising and falling periods. By witnessing each of these periods, we have built profitable bots for each period. We gained vast experience and incorporated all of this into our algorithms.

July 2022

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

We made the performance of our trading software that manages our algorithms top-notch in the industry. We have established mechanisms that verify the accuracy of all transactions by integrating artificial intelligence technologies into the software.

May 2023

Fully Customizable Dashboard

We started working on a panel where all bots can be set up and managed with unparalleled configuration options.

June 2023


Bitcator is available. With our infrastructure fully integrated into the most vibrant ecosystem of finance, we offered our bots to our users for free and unlimited use.